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  Company Info  
RR Gardens was founded in the year 1997. It was
started with the creating something more creative
and different from what we have in the garden today.
RR Gardens has in Bonsai, grown and set its mark
Cactus and speciatiy Wooden arrangements
(Unique of RR Gardens,  no where else you can find
such beautiful arrangements).
It was started by Mr. M.Rajedran with his experience as gardener in Seldacr for about 17 Years.
Rare collections,
We are specialist in Bonsai & Cactus
Roof Gardening  
We have bonsai trees of Quality and of age old, with beautiful shapes, with different kind of trees
 and easy to maintain.
Roof Garden
If you have even 100 square feet of space in your roof or more then a beautiful garden can be
made in your terraceBeautiful landscaping can be done in the roof as you see in the ground. Here
you have  beautiful lawn, rock garden using cactus, water Lilly pond, water fountains and
water falls in your roof. Your roof will take you to the nature.
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