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Our Services
Besides selling retail and over the Internet, we also do landscaping using cactus and
native plants locally. The owner, Rajandheran , is recognized as a Bonsai and Cactus
expert, so if you have any questions, you're welcome to contact him via e-mail or snail
mail and he'll do his best to answer your questions.
Roof Gardening
Rs. 350 per square feet. The charges are inclusive of all labour and materials for the roof
garden. Including the mason work.
Requirement :    Minimum 100 sq-feet in the roof.
Materials Used
Water Proof Coating
Drain Shell
Deuo Textiles
Liver Sand
WaitLess Soil Mixers
Corporate  qorieans Grafting
Some Plants
Bonsai Sales & Traning
Bonsai : We are specialist in Bonsai. We have more than 500 trees in our collection. The
bonsai trees of Quality and of age old, with beautiful shapes, with different kind of trees
and easy to maintain
Bonsai Training : The Bonsai tree's has to be pruned both in its shoots and its roots. For
this little skill and knowledge is required. Pruning of roots and shoots by unskilled person
will lead to loss of shape of the tree or may lead to death of the tree. In order to provide
the skill and knowledge about bonsai, we provide training.
Click here for the more details
We also take up work for landscaping. The charges depends upon type of layout the
customer prefers like lotus pond, fountan etc.
We are also specialist in cactus. We have nearly 160 varities of cactus with our collection.
We also encourage exchange of cactus to enlarge our collection.
Garden Maintenance
We also take up work for garden maintenace. We will repot the plants, pruning the old
roots, changing the soil. We will remodify your garden to make you proud of your garden.
Corporate Orders
We also take co-operate orders for indoor plants. For which we will take full care for
maintenace and periodic chaning of plants.
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